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The Adult Outpatient programs provide professional mental health services for persons whose mental and emotional impairment can be treated on an appointment basis and does not require more intensive care. Following an initial assessment and evaluation, an individualized Treatment Plan is developed for each person admitted to the outpatient programs.

To assist people in their recovery, services include psychiatric evaluation and treatment, medication management, therapy, testing, and case management. Most people who experience mental and emotional problems can be treated on an outpatient basis with the frequency of appointments adjusted to their particular needs.

Adult Outpatient Services are provided in the Fairhope facility at 372 South Greeno Road, in Foley at 301 West Laurel Street, and in Bay Minette at 2009 Medical Center Drive. All services at Baldwin County Mental Health Center are are provided in strictest confidence. For further information or an appointment, please call the ACCESS line at 800-738-2871
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